Domiciliary Services


Community Services , Domiciliary Services and Volunteer Services

Procare Domiciliary Services Ltd understands that with the global crisis we are facing currently, it is paramount that we provide a safe and effective way in delivering care to our service users equally to their family as well as our staff.

Procare Team follows the updated and NHS Guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone.

Care Staff to wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s), follows Infection control (hand washing), correct disposal of PPE’s and, staff completes lateral flow test twice a week.

Gov.UK Guidelines:

1. Personal protective equipment (PPE): resource for care workers delivering domiciliary care during sustained COVID-19 transmission in England
2. (COVID-19) Coronavirus Restrictions: what you can and cannot do
3. NHS Test and Trace: what to do if you are contacted
4. Government launches Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp

NHS guidelines:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS (

Our staff are experienced and highly trained in
supporting and delivering care with the following conditions:

Dementia / Alzheimer’s
Domestic Services / Home Help
Elderly Care
Palliative Care
Parkinson’s Disease
Physical Disability
Nursing and Complex Needs and Conditions



  • Washing, Dressing and Grooming
  • Mouth Care
  • Continence Care
  • Transfers and mobility
  • Catheter care

Medication Support

  • Provide prompts to remind clients to take their medication
  • Provide assistance to clients to take their medications
  • Check and monitor medication and ensure they are being stored safely

Nutritional Care & Meal Preparation

  • Assist clients to prepare meals and hot drinks
  • Prompt and supervise clients to take their supplement drinks
  • Nutritional, food and drink intake recorded for monitoring

Sit In Care

  • Personal care and medication support
  • Complex care such as PEG feeding or catheter care
  • Ensure that dietary and nutritional needs are being met
  • Companionship and support
  • Housekeeping and other daily domestic tasks
  • Up to 24-hour care


  • Dusting and hoovering
  • Washing up and drying plates
  • Tidying up
  • Putting rubbish out
  • Laundry

Escort Care

  • Supporting clients to access shops, GP/Hospital appointments
  • Meeting friends and family


As circumstances or events in your life have changed, by either a family member not coping well following a client coming from hospital to home for recovery or if there’s been an incident and your carer has suddenly been taken ill and let you down, we are here to support and help you and your family in short notice.


Choosing live-in care enables you to remain and retain your independence within your own home, you will have a peace of mind knowing you have someone with you to support and assist you throughout the day and night. This will also improve your wellbeing as you have someone to talk with, laugh with and a companionship from our caring team.

  • Washing, Dressing, Bathing, and Toileting
  • Support and prompts with medications
  • Complex care such as PEG feeding or catheter care
  • Ensure that dietary and nutritional needs are being met
  • Companionship and support
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Completing household chores
  • Support with transfers and mobility around the house
  • Support in getting out and about

Emergency &
Visiting Care

  • An urgent and emergency care service for a minimum of 30 minutes that is outside from your regular visits
  • If you, your family or your carer are struggling to provide your needs maybe because they have to attend appointments or go on holiday

Urgent Palliative care

Your loved one can stay at home with family and receive quality care for those difficult last moments

We Provide Dedicated Care